Specialized Business Services

Specialized Business Services

Specialized Business Planning

Owning a business can have significant implications for your financial wellbeing. There are any number of issues that can impact upon your wealth including (depending on the size and kind of business) shareholdings, bonuses, capital gains, debt servicing and many others.

Because we take a holistic approach to your wealth solution and because the impact of various issues relating to business, Kaiser Hoffman works with business specialists from our partner firm, Industrial Securities.

Over the years since our inception, we’ve built a strong relationship with Industrial Securities based on complete and utter faith in their professionalism and expertise. Our partnership provides your wealth management team with access to a varied group of seasoned professionals including highly-experienced mergers and acquisitions consultants and specialists in in business valuation and financing.

Industrial Securities has an extensive track record of working with companies – big and small – across a wide spectrum of industries and provides proprietary methodology and industry-leading resources to enable entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their strategic objectives.

Investment Banking

Industrial Securities can provide the expertise, insight and access to funding business owners and entrepreneurs need when conceiving, planning and executing mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Valuation & Forensics

Together with Industrial Securities, we offer business valuation and forensic price and value discovery services for any number of purposes, including corporate governance, tax reporting, financial reporting and litigation.

Business Advisory

Increase the value of your business by adopting a data-centric approach to strategic and operational decision making.


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